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Now that the whole of the UK has entered into another lockdown, Altex Engineering would like to re-assure all its customers and those associated and dealing with Altex in varying ways and capacities that - despite the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic - it is business as usual here!

Since the start of the pandemic Altex has been strictly operating under government guidelines to safeguard the health and safety of its invaluable workforce, to keep each and every employee informed, protected and safe and to ensure that we can serve our customers reliably, safely and without any interruptions. Being a manufacturing company, our staff cannot work from home, so we have implemented a number of changes to ensure a safe working environment in our factory and the office and we are extremely proud of our workforce for their solidarity, discipline and compliance with the new rules, regulations and practical procedures they have adopted to keep themselves and others safe.

Altex is working extremely hard to keep disruptions to our operations to a minimum and we are in constant contact with our key suppliers and sub-contractors. We are happy to report that there are currently no issues highlighted that could indicate an interruption to the supply chain. Altex has very early on made firm commitments to key suppliers to purchase a pre-determined amount of steel within a certain time frame in order that supply of essential raw materials would not be compromised. This has come at a cost to the company, however, we are fully committed to keeping production going and our customers' orders fulfilled, and this is just one of many measures we have taken to enable us to do so.

Despite the bleak news that we are being bombarded with every day from the main stream media, we are looking into the future with positivity, hope and confidence in light of the encouraging news that vaccinations are now being rolled out successfully not only in the UK but in all the European countries and worldwide. It will still be an uphill struggle for a while and, sadly, there will be more personal and economic hardship, but with this faint glimmer of hope that the vaccine will bring an end to the pandemic we are optimistic for 2021 and wish you not only a very healthy and prosperous new year, but one that is yet again filled with optimism and enthusiasm for a life worth living and working for - beyond Covid-19.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our faithful customers and suppliers for their continued trust and support throughout these trying times, it really is much appreciated and we are confident that together and united we will emerge stronger.

Stay well and safe!

John Jackett and the Altex Team